About the City of El Reno

Proud of our Routes

Established in 1889, the City of El Reno is located at the intersection nostalgic Route 66 and the Chisholm Trail (Hwy. 81). It's easily accessible from 3 major highways and only a short 25 minute commute to the heart of Oklahoma City, which has helped to nurture a steady stream of new businesses and events for our community.

El Reno:  

  • Is the county seat of Canadian County
  • Hosts the Annual Fried Onion Burger Day Festival, which is always the 1st Saturday in May, where you can witness the cooking of the world’s largest fried onion hamburger weighing over 850 pounds.
  • Abundant with Education Facilities, including Redlands Community College & Canadian Valley Technology Center
  • Is home to a Federal Prison

A historic photo of El Reno

Our City's Rich History

The City began as a railroad town and was home to 3 Land Runs. It’s a festival town and boasts many heritage celebrations, historic properties and the only rail-based trolley operating in the State of Oklahoma.

Fort Reno

The prairie was Cheyenne and Arapaho country when Fort Reno was built to keep peace on the plains. Constructed in 1874 and first commanded by General Philip Sheridan, Fort Reno was named in honor of his friend, Gen. Jesse L. Reno, who was killed in the Civil War. Today, the grounds of the old fort are home to a research laboratory for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The laboratory studies environmentally sustainable forage and livestock production, contributing to preservation of the great plains of North America.

Formerly Reno City

With the run of 1889 a town was born and named Reno City. El Reno was originally located about five miles (8 km) north of its present location, on the banks of the North Canadian River, bearing the name Reno City (which caused its mail to get mixed up with mail for Reno, Nevada). After the second time the town flooded, it was moved to its present location and changed its name to El Reno. 

A Leader in Energy

While steeped in rich history, El Reno sits on the leading edge of oil, gas and wind technology for the State of Oklahoma with major plant sites and specialized training accessibility.