Waste Removal Guidelines



What has changed with the new bulk waste removal guidelines and procedures?

Previously, bulk garbage was collected one day, each quarter, for residents. As part of the new pickup schedule, residents will have an opportunity to take many bulk waste items to OEMA’s landfill located five miles south of El Reno, one-half mile east of U.S. Highway 81 on SW 29th St.

Will bulk waste still be collected on my curb?

No. Bulk items, excluding seniors (70 years and older) and special circumstances, will no longer be collected on the curb. Items must now be taken to the OEMA landfill (one-half mile east of U.S. Highway 81 on SW 29th St.).

What days can I drop-off my bulk waste at the landfill?

The new disposal times will be the first through fourteenth of each June, September, December and March on Mon. through Fri. from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sat. from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

How much will it cost?

The new service is free for El Reno residents (once per collection period).  Additional drops not in collection periods or over the 3x3 cubic yard (roughly a pickup bed) size will be charged at regular landfill rates.

What do I have to have/show in order to take my waste to the landfill?

In order for residents to qualify for free bulk disposal as part of this program, they must provide proof of residency at the time of drop-off at the OEMA landfill by showing their driver’s license and current month’s municipal utility bill. The name on the driver’s license must match the name and address on the utility bill. Any other times, other than those designated by the new procedures, residents wish to use the landfill, regular rates will be charged for landfill use.

What items will be accepted at the landfill?

Items that qualify as bulky rubbish include:

  • items that will decay that are too large to be conveniently loaded in trashcans
  • yard waste
  • discarded appliances
  • furniture
  • carpets 
  • mattresses
What items will not be accepted at the landfill?

Items that do not qualify as bulky rubbish include:

  • waste materials from construction, reconstruction and remodeling
  • tires
  • appliances with Freon
  • motor oil
  • paint
  • batteries
  • other hazardous materials
How much waste can I take to the landfill at one time?

Residents can bring up to three cubic yards, four feet high by four feet deep (roughly the size of a pickup bed) at one disposal. Amounts in excess of this will be charged at the landfill’s regular rates.

Will E-Scrap be accepted at the landfill?

No. E-Scrap (end-of-life electronics) will not be accepted as part of this service. E-Scrap includes items such as computer components, televisions, DVD players and other non-working electronics.  Residential E-Scrap will be accepted during normal office hours at the OEMA offices, located at 1505 S. Rock Island in El Reno. Businesses wishing to dispose of E-Scrap must do so during special OEMA collection events.

What if I'm a senior resident (70 years +)?

Residents 70 years of age or older can have their bulk items collected curbside by calling the OEMA offices at (405) 262-0161 to schedule a pick-up day, two business days prior to the designated collection days.  Senior residents that qualify for the curbside pick-up must adhere to the following conditions: only waste generated at the service address will be collected; the same bulk rubbish restrictions will apply; no items over 150 pounds will be collected; waste over three cubic yards by three cubic yards will be subject to $10.00 per cubic yard fee; and waste must be placed curbside as close to the roadway as possible, no more than 24 hours prior to scheduled pickup.

Who can I contact with questions?

Citizens having questions can call the City of El Reno 405-262-4070 or Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority at (405) 262-0161 for additional information or questions