Utility Information


Every customer applying for water, sewer, and/or sanitation services shall be required to make a security deposit of $75.00 for a single or two-family unit; $125.00 for a multi-family unit; a minimum of $100.00 for business/commercial accounts. Security deposits are kept until the account is closed. The deposit will be applied to the final bill.

Ordinance #2773; City of El Reno Code #334-19


Any customer transferring their utility service to another location shall contact or give notice in person to the water department (utility billing). The fee for the transfer of utility service shall be $25.00 for each such transfer.

Ordinance #2923; City of El Reno Code #334.25

Billing Cycle

The City mails bills for utility services at the end of each month. If such bill is not paid on or before the 15th of the month, it shall be deemed delinquent and a penalty in the amount of 7% of the bill shall be added. Failure to receive bill does NOT waive penalty.

Ordinance #2348; City of El Reno Code 334-20 through 334-21

Method of Payment

Payments may be made in person, dropped in the payment night drop box, or mailed to the City of El Reno, Utility Billing, P.O. Drawer 700, El Reno, OK 73036. (Auto pay program) the City allows you to pay your monthly utility bill by bank draft. All drafts will be sent to each bank no earlier than 10 working days after the bills are mailed. (On line bill paying) You may pay your monthly utility bill online at www.cityofelreno.com with a Visa or MasterCard. A charge of $2.00 applies to each website payment.  You may also pay over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard for a charge of $3.00.

Delinquent Accounts

If a bill is not paid within 20 days of the due date (or the 20th of the month) the service may be discontinued and not re-established until all bills are paid and the fee is paid for reconnecting the service. A notice of intent to interrupt service shall be mailed to the customer at least six (6) calendar days prior to the cut-off. Once the bill has become sixty (60) days old, service will be interrupted and the meter will be shut off. To have service restored, the bill and a reconnect fee must be paid. The reconnect fee is $40.00 for turning the water on during normal business hours of the Utility Billing Office and $50.00 for turning the water on all other hours.  If the meter is tampered with a $178.00 tampering fee will be charged.

Ordinance 2925; City of El Reno Codes 334-13 and 334-22

Deferred Payment Agreement

Customers having difficult paying their utility bill may arrange for a deferred payment agreement.  Customers must come to the Utility Billing Office to sign the agreement prior to the actual cut-off of services. Failure to meet the payment arrangement shall result in the meter being shut off without any further notice.

Water/Sewer/Sanitation Rates

Water Connection

Water connections are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Water may be turned on the same day, depending on scheduling. If the water is not on at your location, you will need to set an appointed time to be there for turn on. If no one is there and a utility lines worker has to make an additional trip then a $25 trip fee will be charged. Please be sure to turn off all faucets inside and outside of the residence or business. The fee for tampering with a meter will be a minimum of $178.00. 


Utility accounts not paid will be referred to a collection agency within ninety (90) days after the service was terminated. The customer will be responsible for any fees charged by the collection agency in addition to the balance of the outstanding utility account.