Lime Scooters Coming to Downtown El Reno!

Lime Scooters Coming to Downtown El Reno!

Posted by Alli Hernandez on 05/06/2021

Lime Scooters Coming to Downtown El Reno!

At the Regular City Council Meeting in April 2021, the City of El Reno entered into a trial-based agreement with Lime. Beginning Friday, May 7, 2021 you will start to see the shareable electric scooters in the downtown area.

Need to know

Prior to riding bike and/or scooter share it is the users’ responsibility to be aware of the following:

  1. The user shall be 18+ years old
  2. There shall be only one rider per scooter
  3. It is the users’ responsibility to follow all applicable traffic laws.
  4. It is the users’ responsibility to follow respective City, County, or State trail rules.
  5. It is the users’ responsibility to know and follow rules for how to properly park and store the bike or scooter during and after rides.
  6. Report collisions with police and to Lime for recording.
  7. Report maintenance issues through the mobile application or by Lime phone number on the scooter.

In addition, keep bike and scooter share fun and safe by riding in the roadway. Please help support El Reno as a great place to walk by avoiding riding the scooters on sidewalks – the scooters operate at much higher speeds than pedestrians and make walking uncomfortable. Please walk, instead of riding, the scooter to sidewalk parking areas.

How to find and rent a scooter

  1. Download the Lime app Opens a New Window.  on your Apple or Android device.
  2. Locate a scooter available for rent using the app, or find one parked around the City.
  3. Find the vehicle’s 6-digit QR code on the handlebar of the scooter.
  4. To unlock the scooter and start the rental, scan the QR code using your phone’s camera, or manually enter the 6-digit QR code.
  5. Ride the scooter!
  6. Once your ride is done and you’ve parked the scooter, use the app to lock the scooter and end your ride.


How to ride a scooter

Lime offers a video on how to ride scooters 


How to park a scooter

Ensure that the bike or scooter is parked out of the pedestrian path of travel and ensure it is standing upright.



Lime is responsible for addressing issues such as parking or maintenance problems. For questions or to report an issue regarding the Lime scooters, email [email protected] or call or text: 1-888-LIME-345.