Water Pressure Updates - February Winter Storm

Update February 24, 2021

If you are still without water please contact us at 405-262-4070. Low pressure is still normal at this time. If possible, please call before 5:00pm. If after 5:00pm, please call 405-262-6941, this will be an on-call process.
**Post Update**
At this time we are continuing to build water pressure south of I-40, this Facebook update however is for El Reno Proper (City of El Reno utility billing customers) This will help determine if we have leaks or air locked lines in isolated portions of El Reno.

Update, February 23, 2021

• We are continuously gaining water pressure
• We know it is a nice day out but we still need conserve where we can (i.e. no washing cars)
• We are finding many leaks around town and we need your help to continue to find others (If you have a water leak or see a water leak during work hours, Monday-Friday 8-5, please call the utility billing department at 405-262-4070. If you find a leak after hours please call 405-262-6941)
• Water totes will be available again at 4:00 pm at the same location at Legion Park
• Water totes will also be available at 3:00 pm at Heaston Church for Heaston citizens
Mayor Matt White 659-2596

4:00pm Update, Monday, February 22, 2021

•We are still gaining volume and pressure in our system, and we are bringing additional residents online.
•We need your help to spot leaks at your house or neighboring houses.
•Continue to conserve water.
•We will have bulk water available at Legion Park this afternoon at 4:30pm.
•Multiple water systems in Oklahoma are experiencing the same issues we are
•The water plant is producing and we are also getting some supply from OKC. We are gaining, but it takes a tremendous amount of production to overcome the deficit.

Water Tote Update, Sunday, February 21

The water totes will be in the same location as yesterday, between the softball field and old pool house at Legion Park from 11:00am to 2:00pm today, February 21. Bring your own buckets, we will have gallon jugs available if needed.
We are making gains on our water levels but we ask residents to still conserve where you can (i.e. don't run laundry, dishwasher and limit showers). Remember, the temperature is above freezing so there is no need to drip faucets now. All residents should also be checking for leaks as things thaw out that could possibly be hindering water levels. Check on your neighbors and let's get through this together.

1:00pm Update, Saturday, February 20, 2021

Once again I asked chief Duff and Manager Matt Sandidge to help me come up with a good plan!!!! we got a good solid plan. We have local people that have helped us as usual!!! #ElRenoStrong Brian Albright and Paco from Cavin‘s wrecker!!! We will  have a trailer full of potable water and it will be located at the swim pool at Legion Park !! Pleasebring your buckets and you can come get some water don’t forget we are still under a voluntary boil!!! but this water can be used as drinking water..., we got the containers from Helena chemical they’re brand new containers never been used ..... we broke the seals they’re letting us use them first for water. We will also have bottled water at City Hall at the police station and also at  the fire station off of 27th St. All this will happen right around 2 o’clock thank you so much to the Dub Bomhak and the boys  who are out in Clinton loading up cases of individual bottled water from Pepsi right now !! all these people have donated their time and their energy to make this work for everybody thanks again. Really appreciate Brian Freeman and Angela at Helena.

Reminder, since it is now above freezing you no longer need to drip your faucets! 🎉 With this, we can continue to conserve water by also not running dishwasher, washing machines, etc.. This is crucial for us to get our levels back up. We are all in this together!


10:00 am Update, Saturday, February 20, 2021

From Mayor White - Saturday the 20th 10o’clock update. If you can from noon to 5 o’clock if you can turn your water off temperatures will be above 33!!!! so we can conserve water.  (please help your neighbors and friends...... turn your water off once it gets above freezing)

We are gaining ground but it’s still going slow we are finding several leaks and trying to thaw out  valves and uncover and flow fire plugs. We know it’s frustrating..... we are just as frustrated. It’s not that we’re not doing what we need to be doing it’s just everything is froze up.....this is going to be a marathon not a sprint. We have been telling you that all along .. I know it’s hard to be patient but that’s what we’re doing right now is working hard !!  The sun is coming out and if you can don’t forget to turn your water off when it gets above freezing ... so we can conserve water and help everybody. As temperature goes long this is going to help us.

Afternoon Update, Friday, February 19, 2021

As we head in to the weekend, we would just like to remind residents to conserve water where they can. We are making gains and with the temperatures rising this weekend, we will continue to make gains in our water levels.  We still need your help conserving water as we continue to build up our system. Our infrastructure took a toll this week through a series of events,  including the following:

  • Water main breaks due to the temperatures February 14 and 15.
  • OGE Rolling Blackouts
  • Significant Leaks/Breaks on private large water customers
  • Dripping/running water to keep house lines from freezing
  • Small isolated Private Line Breaks

We need your help, we are all in this together! 

12:00pm Update, Friday, February 19, 2021

We are gaining ground but continue to conserve water as it comes back on. We are under a volunteer boil advisory from the DEQ. All the water that leaves the plant has been fully treated and tested; however, we are following the recommendation of DEQ and the lead of Oklahoma City and issuing a voluntary boil advisory due to the low pressure we have been experiencing. Chris Smith and his crew have been working around the clock to bleed air out of the lines and respond to emergency cutoffs as the water pressure has been building. We don’t have a timeline for when the the system pressure is back completely, but we are gaining ground. Between the hours of 12 and 5pm today help us conserve water so we can continue making progress. During the warm hours, dripping is not as necessary as the cold nighttime hours. Watch the video- if you have any questions call 659-2596.
Mayor Matt


11:00am Update, Thursday, February 18, 2021

From Mayor White - Water is gradually coming back on at locations in El Reno !!!! please be patient we are working real hard.... I know it’s frustrating just hang in there. We have got 800 cases of water to give away at noon at the fire safety center located at 2707 Faith Avenue The fire station located off 27th St. Watch video and I will take a picture of what we are doing at least watch video for all information.

Morning Update, Thursday, February 18, 2021

The City of El Reno is working diligently to get water back to our residents. Once water starts to come back on, we would like to remind you to please keep conserving water. Don't run dishwashers or washing machine's just yet. This is going to be a process to get the system back to normal, we can all chip in by conserving water where we can. We are all in this together. Be cognizant of the situation and considerate of your neighbors.
Be on the lookout for another update video later on this morning.

5:00pm Update, Wednesday, February 17, 2021

From Mayor White - Basically same message we’re trying to play catch-up. We are gaining some ground !! Our employees are working extra hard to isolate the problems and get all of the water pressure built back up and lines open. We have found several customers that have had leaks and we are turning those services off. Hopefully will have some better news if we can all conserve water tonight and keep doing what we’re doing!!!! Hopefully time and temperatures will be on our side as days move forward. I know it’s frustrating !!!!! We hate it just as much as you do. You can be mad at me all you want I’m fine with that... ( that’s part of my job) but let’s keep all of the thoughts and prayers with all the employees that are working in these terrible conditions!!! This is absolutely a disaster no different than a tornado. Lets be El Reno strong.
And if you have a conspiracy theory or anything that we have not done right just blame me and not employees and will move on.... let us get this fixed we’re on your side we feel your frustrations. 
Mayor Matt

Afternoon Update, Wednesday, February 17, 2021

  • · Water pressure will continue to be an issue over the next couple of days
  • · We need your help to not run high water consumption appliances (e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
  • · Do keep dripping your faucets
  • · Crews are continuing to clear and sand streets and sidewalks
  • · The water department is working to identify and eliminate leaks and broken water lines in our system
  • · Our water plant is online and is continuing to produce water
We are planning another video around 5pm. This will be a process to rebuild water pressure in our system. We are all in this together including all other cities in the region experiencing extreme stress on their water supply.

9:45 am Update, February 17, 2021

From Mayor White - Here’s the latest update.  Wednesday, 17 February. We are still struggling to catch up. We are having a hard time with getting water to the towers to build head pressure to the towers. We are currently using as a city more water than we normally use in July at 110° weather. please be patient with us. Where we are at the mercy of the plant. When OG&E caused  the Power outage. When they shut us down for an hour it took us a lot longer to get back up. (Well fields and plants don’t just start back up) We are struggling to get water out to other communities just like Oklahoma City has cramped us down. This is not only affecting El Reno it’s affecting several towns including Oklahoma City and several other towns in Oklahoma. Please help us by conserving water. We have the best people in the world working here at the plant and we are getting information from engineers and experience people and doing the best we can. Do not turn on dishwashers and washing machines keep yourFaucets dripping or open to a crack if the water comes back on try to conserve water by taking a drippings and putting them in bowls to use for restroom stops. this is going to be a marathon not a sprint. It’s going to take a while to build the system back up as everybody is using it.  The messages it might not be on today it might not be on tomorrow. Prepare for the worst. We  know it’s an inconvenience and we hate it just as much as you do!!!! Call me with any questions except if I have a time frame when the water is coming back on......the answers going to be no. I do not. Please keep everybody safe and warm check on the elderly and pray for our employees all of them!!! public works as they were out clearing the main roads and fire and police as they make runs. 
Thank you Mayor Matt 659-2596

5:00 pm Update, February 19, 2021

From Mayor White - Latest update. Please help us conserve water. Help us squash all of the rumors and misinformation!!!! If we can conserve water tonight hopefully will have at least the majority at full power tomorrow. Water is not like electricity it takes a while for everything to bump back on and the motors to go. We are trying to build pressure but as we are people are using the system and depleting it. if we can all work together and conserve water we can get the water pressure built back up. We had the water towers full but water is being used faster than we can produce it. We have to send out water that is treated. Our plant Is treating the water the best it can in the fridge in like situations.  Keep your Faucets cracked not all the way open if you could help us conserve. hopefully tonight will have some water we don’t have and exact timeline it just depends on how much you all can help us. When OG&E did the rolling blackout that stopped us from producing water and the motors don’t just start up immediately. This is no conspiracy theory or anything else we are trying hard and our employees are working overtime and working their best!!!! please help us. We do have backup generators and we do have everything in place that is not the problem the problem is consumption. The main problem is when the blackouts happened it stopped our production to help with our consumption. you have any questions let me know 659-2596 pray for all the employees out fixing waterlines and doing all the work!!! Pray for all of her employees Public Works and fire and police

Afternoon Update February 16, 2021

From Mayor White - Hopefully this helps explain everything. Our generators are working!! everything at the plant is working. The main problem is we are barely keeping up because we are having people run their water. And you need to continue to do that!!!! Our normal catch up  time is when you all sleep it helps us catch up. We have not had that catch-up time. So when OG&E did not notify us about the rolling black out that put us further behind.!! The system is up and running it’s gonna takes some time to pressure up it’s not like electricity. I hope this answers all the questions I’m not gonna sit here and answer all of the silly ones I’ll try to do the best I can . But we do have backup generators and they are working and we do not have anything wrong with the plant!! Thanks for your patience pray for all the men and women working for the public works the streets the parks the fire and police and everybody else they are working so hard!!!

Update February 16, 2021

-OGE doing rolling black outs, including our well fields
-Power could be out from 45 minutes to 2 hours
-Well field and water plant are now back on but we are playing catch up
-Keep dripping your faucets but if you can avoid doing laundry, dishes or taking a shower please do so
-Stay home and stay safe, we are expecting more snow this afternoon and into tomorrow
-Expect to stay home for the next few days
-Crews are out working on snow and emergency routes